Anna Celander, Psychotherapist

No relationship is conflict-free all the time. Marriage takes commitment, patience, and a reevaluation in communication styles and expectations. Anna offers a neutral environment where difficult topics can be addressed and resolution can begin. Her goal is to help individuals recover from marital and couple-related problems including, but not limited to: physical and emotional infidelity; grief and loss; blame; difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries; lack of appreciation; and struggling to forgive.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, Anna utilizes art-making as a way to reflect, digest and express thoughts and emotions that are difficult to put into words. While using the materials, clients benefit from a reflective nonverbal method of exploring their experiences. No previous art-making experience is required. Finding a safe outlet to be heard within a relationship can be difficult, but you do not have to navigate the delicacies of healing alone.

Besides mood disorders, Anna’s professional career has focused on the treatment of individuals suffering from a cancer diagnosis. Experiencing the mental strain of the diagnosis, along with the relentless physical struggle against the disease, can be debilitating; art therapy can provide relief. While family members and friends offer help with the transition, Anna creates a space where you can be yourself and process the changes in everyday life.
Anna works from a person-centered approach to address any psychological concerns. Her experience with those afflicted by cancer has proven to be the most rewarding and necessary work she does. Art therapy is her calling, but supporting those afflicted by cancer is one of her primary goals.

Anna accepts insurance (please inquire for more information) and charges $175 per intake session and $155 per subsequent session.

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