Gabrielle Pelham, Counseling Intern

Gabrielle Pelham, Counseling Intern

Gabrielle utilizes an integrative, person-centered approach tailored to the specific needs of each unique client. She strives to support and empower her clients throughout their therapeutic journey. Gabrielle works collaboratively with clients to develop individualized goals, build on existing strengths, improve functioning, and foster a sense of personal well-being.

She offers clients the option to explore art therapy and the creative process, emphasizing that art therapy can be beneficial for individuals of all ages and requires no artistic skills or experience. Art therapy can provide clients with a new way to express themselves, explore their feelings, gain self-awareness, reduce anxiety, develop healthy coping skills, and reconcile emotional conflicts.

Gabrielle is in the process of attaining her Master’s of Arts degree in Counseling and Art Therapy from Adler University. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing board games with friends, and all things creative.

Gabrielle charges $25 per hour-long session.

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