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Divorce Mediation

Have you and your partner decided to end your marriage? Divorce Mediation services at Artemis Counseling can help you end your relationship in a manner that honors your past and allows you to begin the process of starting a new and rewarding future.

The goal of Divorce Mediation is to help clients achieve resolutions that are acceptable to both parties. It emphasizes the shared needs of the clients rather than focusing on the differences. Mediation will allow clients to collaboratively examine their interests and explore various options for an agreement that takes into account all parties’ needs, including the needs of the children (when applicable). In Divorce Mediation, clients make their own decisions as to what the best settlement looks like.

Divorce Mediation does not require that clients make an immediate decision to divorce. And no legal action is required to start Mediation. At the completion of Mediation, the clients will receive a complete Memorandum of Agreement that can be used by the lawyer to write up the Divorce Decree.

If you and your partner are still unsure if you want to divorce we recommend that you contact us to learn more about our Couple’s Counseling services. Most couples see improvement within 6 to 8 weeks of Couples Counseling if the marriage can be saved.

If you are interested in beginning the divorce process but you are not quite ready for mediation, please contact us about Marriage Closure Therapy. Marriage Closure Therapy can help couples prepare for the Mediation and the divorce process.

Contact our office at 773-599-2117 or info@artemiscounseling.com for more information.

Divorce Mediation Rates:

Initial Consultation – Free

Mediation Hour $200.00

(Mediation takes on average between 8 to 10 hours depending on the clients and complexity of the case)