Ezza Mustaffa Chicago Couples Counselor

Ezza Mustaffa, MEd, LPC

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Ezza Mustaffa, a couples counselor in Chicago, is open to working with individuals, families, and couples presenting with a wide range of concerns. Being born and raised in Malaysia, Ezza has a natural affinity for encouraging diversity in her practice. She helps individuals and couples couples struggling with communication issues, interfaith and interracial relationships.

Exceptional skills using the Gottman method and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) give Ezza a treatment style in mindfulness- and evidenced-based approaches. She can help her clients learn how to communicate their needs, manage difficult relational situations, and understand each other’s emotions.

Relationships are not always easy. They can foster both deep connection and healing, as well as profound hurt and disappointment. Ezza offers a safe space for couples to explore the things in their relationship that may not be working well. Her approach to her work is a collaborative process aimed at getting clients to notice, bring attention, and slow down when the world urges all of us to ignore, distract, and speed up.

 In her spare time, you can find Ezza either spending time with her loved ones and her two cats, reading, rock climbing, or learning how to play the ukulele. Contact us for more information or click below to email Ezza.