Why Choose Artemis Counseling?

At Artemis Counseling, all of our counselors specialize in Couples Therapy, Relationship Therapy, and Marriage Counseling. Other Chicago counseling groups may offer Couples Counseling as a service, however few spend as much time as we do working with couples and attending training geared towards improving our skills as Couples Counselors.

At Artemis Counseling, we are passionate about helping couples live and breathe in healthier relationships. We believe that healthy relationships are the key to a healthy society and future. No matter what Couples Counselor you decide to work with, we encourage you to ask your prospective counselor what kind of experience and training they have received as a Couples Counselor. You may want to ask them their success rate with working with couples, as well.

Our relationship experts are specifically trained in advanced methods of couples counseling, marriage therapy, premarital counseling, & sex therapy that lead to stronger bonds and trust. The Couples Counselors at Artemis Counseling take pride in the work that we do, and we feel that it is important for all couples to have a great Couples Therapy experience with a qualified Couples Counselor.

Meet our Couples Counseling Experts.