Enjoying Quality Time

When was your last date night? Setting aside intentional time to connect with your partner is an essential part of nourishing your relationship. With the season getting colder, quality time may start to look different. It may require some creativity to think of new, fun ways to spend time together. We shared some date night from home ideas in our post about strengthening your relationship during the pandemic, but what are some cold weather activities that you enjoy? Snuggling up together for a movie night, cooking dinner together, playing a game, planning your next vacation, and having an at-home spa night are some ideas to start.

Regardless of what activity you choose for your date night, being present and mindful can help to enhance the quality time that you spend with your partner. This may mean setting aside distractions (phones, email, etc.) so that you can really enjoy each other’s company. It’s hard to be mindful when our attention is pulled in all different directions, and your partner will appreciate your willingness to prioritize your time with them. Spending time together is also an opportunity to check in with your partner about how they are feeling and what’s going on in their world. This shows your partner that you care about how they are doing and that you want to listen, learn, and stay attuned to them.

This blog post was written by Taryn O’Neil, LPC. To learn more about enjoying quality time, reach out to one of our licensed counselors today here.