Relationship Strengths

When going through a difficult time in your relationship, it can be challenging to remember all of the positive aspects of it. If you and your partner are dealing with conflict, communication issues, or other challenges, it is easy to become focused on the negatives and to overlook the strengths of the relationship. Zooming out and taking the full picture of the relationship into consideration can be helpful in refocusing on all of the things that are working as opposed to all of the things that are not working. Tuning into the strengths of your relationship can be a helpful step in getting back on track and improving overall relationship satisfaction.

What were some of the qualities that initially drew you to your partner? What helped you to feel connected to your partner in the beginning of your relationship? What are some of your most cherished memories with your partner? What do you admire most about your partner? Questions such as these can help you to remember why you are with your partner in the first place and to reestablish a sense of fondness and admiration for each other. It is common for partners to lose sight of all of these positive qualities when there is a buildup of resentment, mistrust, or negative sentiment within the relationship. By taking time to reflect on the positive aspects, you can gain a better understanding of your strengths as a couple and draw upon them to help improve your relationship in the long run. One strengths-based exercise is for each partner to spend some time reflecting on the positive qualities and then taking time to share your reflections with each other. You may be surprised by what your partner says and hearing them share their perspectives may help you to feel even more connected.

This blog post was written by Taryn O’Neil, LPC. To learn more about relationship strengths, reach out to one of our licensed counselors today here.