Nicole Dodero Psychotherapist

Nicole Dodero, MA, Psychotherapist

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I began my journey as an elementary teacher. During my 8 years of teaching, I realized my passion for helping guide those suffering from trauma. I believe that it is important to begin the healing process as early as possible. My passion is seeing people heal and find happiness. I practice from a belief that people often become stuck in overwhelming problems from their past and current life stressors. My goal is to help you attain the tools that will assist you in overcoming traumas you may have endured and improve your present and future life.
I am open to working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples with a wide array of concerns. Our work together will focus on helping you to fully understand yourself, your motivations, and what has obstructed the path to living the life you want.
My approach to the psychotherapeutic relationship is to be compassionate and non-judgmental. I can offer you the opportunity to work on your concerns in a supportive environment. I believe that we can take the steps together to improve the quality of your life and I hope that we can start taking those steps today.