Counseling Fees

Artemis Counseling’s fees for counseling services are as follows. All counseling sessions listed are 60 minutes long, unless otherwise specified.

Counseling Services with Cynthia Bassuk
  • Couples Counseling Intake Session            $175.00
  • Ongoing Couples Counseling Session        $175.00
Counseling Services with one of our other counselors:
  • Couples Counseling Intake Session            $180.00
  • Ongoing Couples Counseling Session        $160.00

Artemis Counseling has Blue Cross Blue Shield in-network clinicians on staff. We are out-of-network for all other insurance carriers. Please contact your insurance to learn more about your out-of-network benefits. The most common coverage is a reimbursement of 50% of the full cost of the session. After you pay the cost of the session, we will gladly submit your claim to your insurance company so that you will receive reimbursement.

Click here to make an appointment. Feel free to email us for additional information.

Sliding Scale Counseling Services

At Artemis Counseling, we offer sliding scale counseling services to help those who need assistance and are mindful of their budget. The structure of our sliding scale counseling is tailored to each individual client on a case-by-case basis, and is based on your household income and potentially other financial factors.

For hour-long sessions, we request that sliding scale clients pay approximately 10% of their household’s weekly take-home pay. As much as possible, we aim to work with our clients to make counseling accessible to them financially.

Our counseling interns offer sliding scale payments for counseling sessions. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with them online, or reach out to our intake team at or 773-249-2921 for more information.

Our Late Cancellation Policy:

We maintain a 24-hour cancellation policy since a scheduled appointment means that a period of time is reserved only for you.  A late cancellation means that another client is unable to schedule with a clinician within that block of time.  Clinicians have a limited amount of spots to offer to clients per week and therefore it is important that all session times be utilized.  If an appointment is missed or canceled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a fee of $125.  Insurance does not pay for sessions that were not attended, therefore the missed appointment/late cancellation fee of $125 is fully the client’s responsibility.