Alison Levy, Psychotherapist

Alison Levy, LPC, CADC

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You do not need to wait for life to become unmanageable before seeking help to take the steps to find balance and serenity in your life. Alison prides herself on her ability to see each person as an individual while considering the context of the situations, environments, and relationships that make up your stories. Together you and Alison can create a path toward an empowered understanding of your lived experiences and your hopes for the future.

Alison sees individuals and couples and helps them to address anxiety, relationship issues, substance use, trauma, gender-specific issues, and many other topics. Her goal is to foster a safe and honest space for people to better recognize the strengths already within them, and to navigate and explore the obstacles that may have previously kept them feeling stuck.

You are not alone. As your therapist Alison will collaborate with you, utilizing cognitive-behavioral and other evidence based techniques while exploring your stories, identity, and worldview. She firmly believes that you are the expert on you. Her role as your therapist is to help you navigate the successes and struggles of your life in such a way that you can create cohesion and meaning for yourself and she believes it is her privilege to be at your side as you work to move toward creating a full and meaningful life.