Infidelity Repair

Infidelity causes couples to be unsure of how to move forward with their relationship. Perhaps you would like to make the relationship work but cant get past feelings that resulted from infidelity.

Unfaithfulness in a committed relationship whether emotional and/or physical can be devastating and can severely impact the individuals involved. Common reactions for both partners who experience infidelity may include anxiety, depression, and grief. Like with trauma, the betrayed partner may experience hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, and obsess over the details of the affair. The involved party may experience guilt, shame, and fear that they will be punished and shamed forever.

With time and effort, many relationships survive infidelity. Some marriages may even become stronger, richer, and more intimate as a result. At Artemis Counseling, our couples therapists have experience with unfaithfulness and can support you and your partner during this time.  Let us assist you in arriving at the best possible outcome after an affair or an emotional betrayal.