Strengthening Your Relationship During the Pandemic

Between a pandemic and winter months approaching, spending quality time together might look different now than it used to, and you may need to get creative when thinking of ways to enjoy time with your partner. You can brainstorm together to think of activities you can do at home that would feel meaningful and fun. Cooking together, planning a movie night, playing a board game, exercising together, redecorating the home, listening to music, crafting a project, ordering in from a new restaurant, and creating a list of future dream vacation spots are some at-home activity ideas to get you started.

Practicing new ways to show caring and affection to your partner during this time can be another way to grow your bond even stronger. Focus on pointing out the things you admire about your partner to help them feel appreciated. You can also spend time connecting with your partner without distractions and practicing mindfulness of the moment when spending quality time together. Turning your phones off and turning toward each other could be a chance for you to grow your intimacy and connection by being present in the moment.

It’s also possible that you and your partner may have different boundaries related to what are considered safe and acceptable activities during the pandemic. To navigate this effectively, it can be helpful to utilize active listening skills and try to gain insight about your partner’s perspectives to better understand their boundaries. Try to maintain an attitude of respectful curiosity and ask clarifying questions when needed to ensure that you are hearing your partner. Respecting each other’s boundaries will help to create an atmosphere of trust and safety within your relationship.

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